Top 5 Proven Ways to Make Money Online in UAE

Top 5 proven ways to make money online in UAE

UAE is the most emerging marketplace for entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and job seekers. The reason behind all of that is “No Tax on Income in UAE“, so whatever you’ll earn, it’s all yours, and you don’t have to pay any tax to the government except 5% vat (Value Added Tax) on purchases. Due to small established areas cost of everyday stuff and living are very high and very difficult to manage everyday life, especially with a limited source of income. so here I m going to share some ways to make money online in UAE.

Thousands of people are traveling to the UAE every day for seeking opportunities in terms of starting their careers in jobs, business, or as investors. Because of the over availability of talent from all over the world, the salary range is not higher to manage the expenses for living and sending money back to home to your family, relatives, or your loved ones. So everyone is seeking side hustles to make money online in the UAE apart from their job. If your mind is open and you have a passion for using the gadgets like mobiles, cameras, or computers and the internet, here I m going the explain the 5 proven ways to make money online in UAE apart from doing your 9 to 5 job

1. Freelancing

If you are a tech guy and love to spend time on computers Freelancing is the best option. Starting from a little span of time every day you can become a full-time freelancer and start living as a freelancer. The beauty of being a freelancer is that you don’t bond with anyone, you can work as per your own schedule and time. There are many skills that you can choose to become a freelancer such as a web developer, apps developer, digital marketing, data engineer, vocalist, graphics designer, video editor, article writer, email marketer, personal coach, online tutor, physical trainer or even you can start working as a virtual assistant for amazon. If you don’t know about any of the work I mentioned above still you can become a freelancer. All you need is communication skills to become a freelancer without knowing any skills.

Top freelancing platforms to find jobs online

How to become a freelancer without any skills?

  1. Create your profile on freelancing platforms (FiverrUpworkPeople per,, Toptal) 
  2. Chose your category and find some service providers in your local market and make contact with them with the lowest prices
  3. Create your gig, proposal, or make offers to get the project on multiple platforms and make the deal done after negotiations with the client.
  4. Give your client’s project to your local service provider and get the job done.
  5. Submit the project to your client for approval
  6. After approval, you’ll get your money into your profile
  7. Transfer your money to your bank account, Enjoy
  • Pro Tips.
    • Before offering any service online or offline, make your complete research about what you are offering
    • Do not tell your client that you are getting the project done from your local market, instead of telling him you are running an agency with your team.
    • If your client wanted to ask anything to your local service provider, do not let him speak directly, instead of that, arrange a group conversation and be a part of that conversation.
    • Ask for true feedback from your client.
    • If your client keeps asking you questions, even repeating quotations, answer politely.
    • Share your freelance profile over social media.
    • Stay always online using your mobile phone.
    • Don’t write anything that you cannot fulfill.
    • Do not try to be perfect and do not try to invent the wheel again until you do not have enough resources to take risks. Get your etrader license from Dubai in terms of offering freelancing services in the UAE.

5 Ways to Improve Your Communication skills.

   2. Make Money Online in UAE by Selling online

Doing business or performing any professional activities without a license is a crime in UAE. but here I m going to explain some options that you can consider without any license or with at least a small and cheaper license, that you can afford with a small amount of money.

Start selling on Amazon

if you are a resident of UAE and you have Your Valid Emirates ID (EID) and you have a personal bank account you can create an individual seller account on amazon and start selling online. If your hustle goes well and you make a good amount out of that, you can become a full-time seller on amazon for a living. 

How to start selling on amazon

  1. Apply for an Amazon seller account.
  2. Research your products
  3. Source product from China, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, or from Local Market
  4. Upload your inventory
  5. Chose shipping type in case of FBM (Ship by yourself or Chose Amazon Easy Ship)
  6. Make your stock ready for amazon to pickup in case of FBA
  7. Create offers and Coupons
  8. Receive funds in your account.
  • Pro Tips.
    • Select Non-branding products (as it is easy to sell in the generic category)
    • Chose medium-cost product with some competition (No competition = No sales)
    • Offer prestige pricing (less than 0.1 from the actual price E.g $59.99, 99.99)
    • Offer coupons and discounts make BOGOF pricing (Buy One Get One Free)
    • Response your customers ontimeParticipate in event days sales
    • Run PPC ads
    • Find someone dedicated support from the amazon team by emailing them
    • Ask support to help you increase your sales

Sell on NOON

If you have $1700 dollars in your account and you can spend that money as an investment, You can get an eCommerce license from Sharjah Media City Free Zone.

After getting your eCommerce license you can apply for a seller account on NOON and upload your inventory to make it available for the public to order on NOON.

The process of creating a seller account on NOON is pretty simple and straight.

How to apply for a NOON seller account

  1. Goto Noon seller central
  2. Fill up all the information
  3. Click on Apply
  4. Verify your email
  5. Upload your inventory (after getting approval)
  6. Make it live after getting inventory status as Active
  7. Get orders online
  8. Prepare orders for pickup by NOON in case of FBP
  9. Prepare stock for FBN in case of Fulfillment by NOON
  10. Get paid to your account.
Pro Tips.
  • Create inventory in English and Arabic both languages
  • Create your store like a professional (Upload your logo and other data as best practices)
  • Keep products always in stock
  • Participate in weekly and special deals by creating promotion
  • Upload clear and multiple images of your product
  • Use NOON New Self-preparation service and ship directly to the customers to deliver your order faster.

3. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a fordged form of eCommerce (online selling) business model, however, as a drop shipper you don’t need to have your own store and your own products. In dropshipping business model actually you offer your services as the middle man between seller and buyer. All you just need to do is Drive Traffic to the Seller, else everything is managed and fulfilled by the seller, so don’t need to go through any headache of managing the warehouse, preparation, or logistics.

How to start a dropshipping business and make money online in UAE

  1. Decide your business name
  2. Get your business license (either from Freezone or mainland) Freezone Preferred

Apply for a free zone license here

  1. Chose your niche and research product along with competitors’ analysis
  2. Find a manufacturer, distributor, or wholesaler and make your deal or agreement with them
  3. Chose technology to build your dropshipping website (Woocommerce & Shopify Preferred as Bigener) and Create your website
  4. Upload your products list or connect your store with a supplier/reseller platform E.g. Amazon, Alibaba
  5. Drive target traffic to your store by running ads and sharing links of your store
  6. Receive orders and forward them to your supplier
  7. Get Paid
Pro Tips.
  • Invest some time in product research
  • Ask the supplier for the fulfillment required time
  • Ask the supplier about return management
  • Check supplier reputation over the internet by finding another seller from the same supplier
  • Run your website on fast and reliable hosting
  • Keep your website and domain name short, simple, and easy to pronounce
  • Do not create a similar name website by randomizing existing website names
  • Stay online and keep responsive to the customer queries
  • Share accurate contact information
  • Chose supplier with less fulfillment time

4. Make Money Online by Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way of making money online in the UAE. Affiliate marketing is quite simple and a little similar to the dropshipping model. There are many ways to practice affiliate marketing. here I’ve explained how to start affiliate marketing in UAE

Affiliate Meeting through Tiktok

Tiktok became the top content-consuming platform over the last decade and it’s installed in almost every phone in the world. Due to offering ease of use and a bunch of languages pack, it becomes the most choice for the entertainment and learning platform after youtube.

How to start affiliate marketing on TikTok

  • Create your account on TikTok and convert it into Business Account
  • Chose your niche and start making videos
  • Earn some Audience (At least 1000 Followers to get the Live feature)
  • Find local shops or businesses and contact them for promotion of their product, brand, or business over TikTok
  • Offer a promotion for free in the beginning through your various videos
  • When you see you’ve now 10,000 followers, now approach small and medium businesses, brands, or entrepreneurs to promote them in your video with paid promotion.
  • Stay consistent and keep making videos unless you earned at least 250k followers
  • After getting 250k followers on your TikTok now approach marketing agencies and they’ll offer your big brands promotion
Pro Tips.
  • Use trending hashtags in your videos before uploading
  • Make different duration videos over the time
  • Record at least one video in a week using the TikTok camera
  • Upload videos at least twice a week or more
  • Go Live at least every week
  • Post videos before your top audience live time (Check analytics in creator tools)
  • Ask people to send your gift
  • Participate in games (Not mandatory)
  • Turn on 2-factor authentications on your account
  • Use strong password
  • Don’t share your credentials with anyone
  • Do not delete videos that you don’t like over time (Instead of that make them private, so nobody can see those videos)
  • Don’t get hyper with bad comments (Delete them or report them and stay calm)

2.Affilate Markeing on YouTube

Youtube is the world’s top choice in terms of valuable content consumption and the obsession of content creators, Due to YouTube’s monetization policy, youtube becomes the digital academy for content creators and for those who want to learn through videos. Most creators are full-time youtube are they make living out of YouTube. If you have a Gmail account you can be a part of the youtube creators community.

How to start affiliate marketing on youtube

  1. Go to your youtube app on your mobile or on your computer
  2. Click on your picture in the top right corner of the app
  3. Click on ‘Create Account” and fill up all the information
  4. Upload your logo and cover photo (You can make them for free on
  5. Turn on 2-factor authentication
  6. Record, Edit and upload your videos
  7. Goto different platforms and get your affiliate links according to your niche (E.g Amazon, Blue Host, Evento)
  8. Mention those links in your video description and enforce them in your video by asking your subscribers to buy through your affiliate links
  9. Deliver traffic and make sales through your links
  10. Get the affiliation amount from the seller
Pro Tips.
  • Start recording videos with your phone that has a decent camera.
  • Record videos using your phone’s back camera.
  • Invest in an audio mic if you are creating talking videos
  • Try to be on point and start with fewer duration videos
  • Ask people to subscribe to your channel one in a while.
  • Deliver valuable content to stick to your audience
  • Do not use copyright-claimed audio or footage
  • Do not upload a video that already someone uploaded on youtube
  • Do not create clickbait thumbnails if your video doesn’t have that info.
  • Try to be specific about your niche
  • Don’t try to be perfect because nobody is perfect in this world
  • Try to write the script of your video and remove words that don’t make sense
  • Do not enforce or promote those products that are prohibited on youtube.
  • Subscribe to my channel to get more ideas on youtube for making money

5. Selling eBooks

If you are doing a typing job or you have a grip on the keypad of the cellphone or keyboard of your computer you can start writing ebooks. I know it might sound strange in this era but if you’ve read this article till this step, you cannot worry about investing your time in writing an ebook.

How to make money online in UAE by selling eBooks.

  1. Goto and create your free account
  2. Click on creative design and chose the size or chose a template from the menu
  3. Design your cover page and dominate your topic over there
  4. Write about yourself on the first page
  5. Write all page topics or heading inline with the page number and start writing
  6. Write all the way to the end of the page and design the last page as a cover page with some other topics information that you might gonna write on those topics later on.
  7. Create your account on amazon and other ebook websites and list your ebook for selling
  8. Receive payment in your dashboard
  9. Transfer money to your bank account
Pro Tips
  • Do not worry about topics (Write whatever you’re best in)
  • Make a little research about the topic before start writing
  • Invest some amount in coverage designing from a professional designer
  • Don’t try to be perfect (You’ll learn over the passage of time)
  • Do not copy the content of others, get inspiration and put your own thoughts into writing.
  • Don’t sell cheaper or more expensive (Keep affordable price)
  • Invest in reviews and testimonials to dominate yourself over the crowd

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