15 Best ChatGPT Prompts to Start an Affiliate Blog

ChatGPT Prompts to Start an Affiliate Blog

Starting an entire affiliate blog from start to finish involves multiple steps, from choosing a niche to creating content and promoting your blog. Here are the 15 best ChatGPT prompts to start an affiliate blog for each step that you can use to guide the process: Step 1: Niche Selection Prompt: “Help me choose a […]

How to Start a Profitable Blog using ChatGPT and WordPress

Start a Profitable Blog

If you are looking to start a profitable blog as a side hustle or full-time business, this step-by-step guide will help you create a blog and properly monetize your efforts.In this blogging guide, I’ll take you through every step that you need to take in terms of running a blog like a profitable business. Blogging […]